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Newsletter of Phenomenology – Issue 600 (October 2021)

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Issue 600 (October 2021)

Editor: Cristian Ciocan

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Call for Papers

Metodo vol.10/1 : Familiarity and togetherness

Deadline: 31st Oct 2021

Real/Unreal. Towards a Phenomenology of Virtuality (17th – 18th December 2021, Warszawa, Poland)

Deadline: 31st Oct 2021

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.22 : Gestures

Deadline: 15th Nov 2021

CRITICAL HERMENEUTICS : BIANNUAL INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY vol.5 : Living, interpreting, understanding philosophically

Deadline: 1st Dec 2021

Studia Heideggeriana vol.11 : Phenomenological Interpretations of Not-Being-At-Home

Deadline: 15th Dec 2021

Discipline Filosofiche vol.32/1 : The experience of pain

Deadline: 31st Dec 2021

Politics and Life and Death (21st – 23rd April 2022, Stockholm, Sweden)

Deadline: 3rd Jan 2022

56th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle (26th – 29th May 2022, Memphis, United States of America)

Deadline: 1st Feb 2022

Aisthema vol.9 : Michel Henry (1922-2002)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Panel: Lifeworld, Relevance, Encyclopedia (30th Aug – 3rd September 2022, Thessaloníki, Greece)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.23 : Phenomenologies of the image

Deadline: 1st Jun 2022

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.8 : Democracies in Crisis

Deadline: 1st Oct 2022

Upcoming Events

Paul Ricœur on Collective Identities

15th – 17th Nov 2021
Trier, Germany

Phenomenology and sociality. The 6th Conference of the Central and East European Society for Phenomenology

2nd – 4th Dec 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phenomenology and Sociality

2nd – 4th Dec 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience Group Meeting, Central APA

23rd – 26th Feb 2022
Chicago, United States of America

People on Streets. Critical Phenomenologies of Embodied Resistance

12th – 14th May 2022
Paderborn, Germany

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New Books & Translations

Breeur R.
Au tour de l’imposture

Vrin, 2021

Booth R.
Becoming a place of unrest: environmental crisis and ecophenomenological praxis

Ohio University Press, 2021

Ingarden R.W.
Ce que nous ne savons pas des valeurs

Mimesis, 2021

Schnell A.
Der frühe Derrida und die Phänomenologie

Klostermann, 2021

Byle N.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s christological reinterpretation of Heidegger

Lexington Books, 2021

Doublet L.
Emmanuel Levinas et l’héritage de Karl Marx: Sublime matérialisme

Otrante, 2021

Kleinberg E.
Emmanuel Levinas’s talmudic turn: philosophy and Jewish thought

Stanford University Press, 2021

Breeur R.
En torno a la estupidez

Universidad de Granada, 2021

Arrien S.-J., Sommer C. (eds)
Heidegger aujourd’hui: Actualité et postérité de sa pensée de l’événement

Hermann, 2021

Fuchs T.
in defence of the human being: foundational questions of an embodied anthropology

Oxford University Press, 2021

Kimura B.
L’Entre: Une approche phénoménologique de la schizophrénie (trans. Vincent Claire)

Millon, 2021

Sebbah F.
L’Éthique du survivant: Levinas, une philosophie de la débâcle

Presses universitaires de Paris Nanterre, 2021

Delanda M.
Materialist phenomenology: a philosophy of perception

Bloomsbury, 2021

Pokropski M.
Mechanisms and consciousness: integrating phenomenology with cognitive science

Routledge, 2021

Breeur R.
Mentira, impostura y estupidez (trans. Cabezas José Maria)

Malpaso, 2021

Merlier P.
Patočka et le langage

Lambert-Lucas, 2021

Kern I.
Phänomenologie der Intersubjektivität und metaphysische Monadologie: Zu einer Synthese von Husserl und Leibniz

Schwabe, 2021

Foucault M.
Phénoménologie et Psychologie 1953-1954

Gallimard, 2021

Rodrigo P.
Post-phénoménologies: Merleau-Ponty, Patočka, Barbaras

Peeters, 2021

Tănăsescu I.
Psychologie, Seiendes, Phantasie bei Franz Brentano

de Gruyter, 2021

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