About Romanian Society for Phenomenology

The Romanian Society for Phenomenology was founded in 2000 to promote research in phenomenology, coordinate the development of this discipline in Romania, and help constitute a specialized phenomenological community in Romania. The Society is a founding member of the Organization of the Phenomenological Organizations.

The Romanian Society for Phenomenology was founded by Roxana Albu, Gabriel Cercel, Cătălin Cioabă, Cristian Ciocan, Virgil Ciomoș, Magdalena Cojocea, Gabriel Liiceanu, Bogdan Mincă, Aurelian Popa, Mihai Șora, Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban, Andrei Timotin, and Laura Tușa-Ilea.

The aim of the society is to promote phenomenology in Romania, by organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops, and by stimulating a professional community of researchers. The main publication of the Romanian Society for Phenomenology is the international yearbook Studia Phaenomenologica, founded in 2001.

Since May 2002, the Society has been editing the  Newsletter of Phenomenology, including up-to-date information regarding the most important events in the field of phenomenology. Since 2007, the Society has also been editing the Newsletter of  the Romanian Philosophy, a newsgroup powered by Google. In 2009 was founded the Institute for Philosophy “Alexandru Dragomir”. In the last 20 years, the Society organized numerous conferences.

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