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Madalina Diaconu, Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach (Hrsg.), Environmental Ethics: Cross-cultural Explorations (Alber, 2020)

The volume »Environmental Ethics: Cross-cultural Explorations« places cross-cultural study at the center of inquiry. The cross-culturally rich explorations collected in this volume seek to critically examine some theoretical assumptions driving current debates in the field like anthropocentrism, individualism etc. In addition, they also endeavor to develop an integrative approach which can better channel ways in which current global challenges to the environment can be met.

Romanian Philosophy Newsletter no. 7-8 (171-172) / July-August 2020

I. PREZENȚE INTERNAȚIONALE A) Cărți sau volume colective publicate la edituri din străinătate Cristian Ciocan (ed.), The Modalizations of Violence (Human Studies, Volume 43, Issue 2), Springer 2020 Ana-Maria Cretu, Michela Massimi (eds.), Knowledge from a Human Point...