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Ion Copoeru – Event and Structure: A Phenomenological Approach of Irreducible Violence (Human Studies, volume 43, 2020)

Violence is signaled by a mark of discontinuity, interruption, rupture. The tripartite temporality of violence, with its strong focus on the present, points to the originary violence. Moreover, the violent event is structuring the order of the action sequences in an actual violent (embodied) interaction. The interactional dynamics in violent encounters between co-present actors shapes the specific forms of the experiencing in (and of) the violent interaction. Based on how violence is experienced in an interactive situation, the phenomenon of violence articulates itself according to three coordinates: directedness, co-performativity and de-capabilisation. The outlining of the structure of the lived experience of violence is revealing something irreducible in it. To understand the experience of violence as such, I propose that we accept the idea of violence per se and depart from the idea that the acts of violence are essentially moral actions. The core of the ethical-moral discussion concerning violence should be grounded instead on the moment of conversion identifiable when we take into account the reaction to violence. [LINK]

CfP Studia Phaenomenologica vol. 22 / 2022: GESTURES

Guest Editors: Christian Ferencz-Flatz & Delia Popa In recent years, gestures have moved into the center stage of theoretical interest. Prepared by various forays in the field of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, which led to an increased focus...

Newsletter of Phenomenology – Number 591 (January 2021)

Call for Papers Studia Phaenomenologica vol.21 : From witnessing to testimony Deadline: 30th Jan 2021 Paul Ricœur on Collective Identities (15th - 17th November 2021, Trier, Germany) Deadline: 15th Feb 2021 Phainomenon: revista de fenomenologia vol.31 : Phenomenology...