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Roxana Baiasu, “The Openness of Vulnerability and Resilience”, in: Pelagia Goulimari (ed.), Love and Vulnerability, Routledge, 2021


Love and Vulnerability : Thinking with Pamela Sue Anderson book cover

Love and Vulnerability
Thinking with Pamela Sue Anderson

Edited By

Pelagia Goulimari

Love and Vulnerability: Thinking with Pamela Sue Anderson  developed out of the desire for dialogue with the late feminist philosopher Pamela Sue Anderson’s extraordinary, previously unpublished, last work on love and vulnerability. The collection publishes this work for the first time, with a diverse, multidisciplinary, international range of contributors responding to it, to Anderson’s  oeuvre  as a whole and to her life and death.

Anderson’s path-breaking work includes  A Feminist Philosophy of Religion  (1998) and  Re-visioning Gender in Philosophy of Religion: Reason, Love and Epistemic Locatedness  (2012). Her last work critiques, then attempts to rebuild, concepts of love and vulnerability. Reason, critical self-reflexivity, emotion, intuition and imagination, myth and narrative all have a role to play. Social justice, friendship, conversation, dialogue, collective work are central to her thinking.

Contributors trace the emergence of Anderson’s late thinking, extend her conversations with the history of philosophy and contemporary voices such as hooks and Butler, and  bring her work into contact with debates in theology; Continental and analytic philosophy; feminist, queer and transgender theory; postcolonial theory; African-American studies. Discussions engage with the Me Too movement and sexual violence, climate change, sweatshops, neoliberalism, death and dying, and the nature of the human.

Originally published as a special issue of the journal,  Angelaki, this large, wide-ranging collection, featuring a number of distinguished contributors, makes a significant contribution to the burgeoning interdisciplinary research on interpersonal relations, sympathy and empathy, affect and emotion.


Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Pelagia Goulimari

Anderson’s Last Writings

1. Towards a New Philosophical Imaginary

Pamela Sue Anderson (edited by Sabina Lovibond and A. W. Moore)

2. Reorienting Ourselves in (Bergsonian) Freedom, Friendship and Feminism

Pamela Sue Anderson (edited by Nicholas Bunnin)

3. Silencing and Speaker Vulnerability: Undoing an Oppressive Form of (Wilful) Ignorance

Pamela Sue Anderson (edited by Nicholas Bunnin)

4. Creating a New Imaginary for Love in Religion

Pamela Sue Anderson (edited by Paul S. Fiddes)

“living a life”

5. Pamela Anderson and “Vulnerability”

Alan Montefiore

6. Vulnerability as a Space for Creative Transformation

Laurie Anderson Sathe

7. Pamela Sue Anderson: Witness to the Gospel, Prophet to the Church. What Might the Church Hear from her Work?

Susan Durber

8. Equality and Prophecy

Michí¨le Le Doeuff

Anderson’s Conversations with Others

9. Vulnerable Selves and Openness to Love

Nicholas Bunnin

10. Pamela Sue Anderson’s Journeying with Paul Ricoeur

Morny Joy

11. Mortal Vulnerabilities: Reflecting on Death and Dying with Pamela Sue Anderson

Alison Jasper

12. Forgiveness, Empathy and Vulnerability: An Unfinished Conversation with Pamela Sue Anderson

Paul S. Fiddes

13. The Concern with Truth, Sense, et al.: Androcentric or Anthropocentric?

A. W. Moore

Extending the Conversations

14. Vulnerable and Invulnerable: Two Faces of Dialectical Reasoning

Sabina Lovibond

15. Wisdom, Friendship and the Practice of Philosophy

Beverley Clack

16. The Disavowal of the Female “Knower”: Reading Literature in the Light of Pamela Sue Anderson’s Project on Vulnerability

Dorota Filipczak

17. Anderson’s Ethical Vulnerability: Animating Feminist Responses to Sexual Violence

Emily Cousens

18. Conditioned Responsibility, Belonging and the Vulnerability of Our Ethical Understanding

Chon Tejedor

19. Love’s Luck-knot: Emotional Vulnerability and Symmetrical Accountability

Carla Bagnoli

20. The Three Faces of Vulnerability: My Vulnerability, the Vulnerability of the Other and the Vulnerability of the Third

Xin Mao

21. Anderson on Vulnerability

Alison Assiter

22. A Threshold for Enhancing Human Life: Anderson on Capability and Vulnerability

Kristine A. Culp

23. Exploring Affectivity: An Unfinished Conversation with Pamela Sue Anderson

Andrea Bieler

24. The Openness of Vulnerability and Resilience

Roxana Baiasu

25. The Risks of Love and the Ambiguities of Hope

Günter Thomas

26. On the Theme of Liberated Love and Global Feminist Discourse

Ashmita Khasnabish

27. The Idea of Ethical Vulnerability: Perfectionism, Irony and the Theological Virtues

Stephen Mulhall