NEWS | Newsletter of Phenomenology

Newsletter of Phenomenology – Number 622-624 (August-October 2023)

Call for Papers

Metodo vol.12/2 : Ethics, climate and the environment

Deadline: 30th Nov 2023

Palgrave Handbook of phenomenology and literature

Deadline: 1st Dec 2023

Studia Heideggeriana vol.13 : Life – Praxis – Emotions

Deadline: 15th Dec 2023

Back to the Things Themselves! 2024 (21st – 29th May 2024, Montréal, Canada)

Deadline: 7th Jan 2024

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.25 : Eco-Phenomenology

Deadline: 30th Mar 2024

Schutzian Research vol.16 : Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Alfred Schutz Social-Science Archive in Konstanz

Deadline: 1st Apr 2024

Upcoming Events

Democracy, Ecology, Technology. Phenomenology and Hermeneutics facing the “New Invisibility”

15th – 17th Nov 2023
Lima, Peru

Phenomenology, Reality and Essences

16th – 17th Nov 2023
Paderborn, Germany

Le Dépassement de Heidegger : Regards Croisés France-Japon

30th Nov – 1st Dec 2023
Paris, France

Relation in Phenomenology – Phenomenology in Relation. Intra- and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

1st – 2nd Dec 2023
Warszawa, Poland

L’imagination en Phénoménologie

9th Dec 2023
Paris, France

Identität – Alterität – Pluralität. Phänomenologische Perspektiven in Anschluss an Husserls Cartesianische Meditationen

19th – 21st Feb 2024
Freiburg, Germany

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New Books & Translations

Åsvoll H.
A praxis of nothingness in education: On Heidegger and Wittgenstein

Routledge, 2023

Atkinson III M.
Alterity and the Flint water crisis: phenomenological insights into social invisibility

Springer, 2023

Køster A. , Holte Kofod E. (eds)
Cultural, existential and phenomenological dimensions of grief experience

Routledge, 2023

Butnaru D.
Exoskeletal devices and the body: deviant bodies, extended bodies

Routledge, 2023

Heidegger and the contradiction of Being: An analytic interpretation of the late Heidegger

Routledge, 2023

Schalow F.
Heidegger’s ecological turn: community and practice for future generations

Routledge, 2023

Heidegger M.
Histoire de la philosophie de Thomas d’Aquin à Kant

Seuil, 2023

Jacquet F.
L’énergie de l’Être: métaphysique et phénoménologie dans l’œuvre de Mikel Dufrenne

Éditions des Compagnons d’humanité, 2023

Patočka J.
Le monde naturel et le mouvement de l’existence humaine (trans. Abrams Erika)

Éditions des Compagnons d’humanité, 2023

Pokropski M.
Mechanisms and consciousness: integrating phenomenology with cognitive science

Routledge, 2023

Antich P.
Merleau-Ponty and contemporary philosophy of perception

Routledge, 2023

Rivera J.
Phenomenology and the horizon of experience: spiritual themes in Henry, Marion, and Lacoste

Routledge, 2023

Olivier A., Lamola M.J., Sands J. (eds)
Phenomenology in an African context: contributions and challenges

SUNY Press, 2023

Boelderl A. R. , Neymeyr B. (eds)
Robert Musil im Spannungsfeld zwischen Psychologie und Phänomenologie

de Gruyter, 2023

Fugali E.
Soggetto, corpo e mondo in Edmund Husserl

Unicopli, 2023

Dufourcq A., Novotný K. (eds)
Surpuissance et finitude: Renaud Barbaras aux limites de la phénoménologie

Vrin, 2023

Shockey R.M.
The bounds of self: an essay on Heidegger’s Being and time

Routledge, 2023

Dufourcq A.
The imaginary of animals

Routledge, 2023

Majolino C.
The invention of infinity: essays on Husserl and the history of philosophy

Springer, 2023

Szanto T., Landweer H. (eds)
The Routledge handbook of phenomenology of emotion

Routledge, 2023