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Newsletter of Phenomenology – Number 605 (March 2022)

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Number 605 (March 2022)

Editor: Cristian Ciocan

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  2. Upcoming Events
  3. New Books & Translations
  4. Periodicals
  5. Open Commons News

Call for Papers

Aisthema vol.9 : Michel Henry (1922-2002)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Heidegger and Schelling. Schelling and Heidegger (24th – 26th June 2022, Meßkirch, Germany)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Panel: Lifeworld, Relevance, Encyclopedia (30th Aug – 3rd September 2022, Thessaloníki, Greece)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Engaged Phenomenology II: Explorations of Embodiment, Emotions, and Sociality (30th Aug – 1st September 2022, Exeter, United Kingdom)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

The Emotions: Phenomenology, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy (22nd – 24th September 2022, Heidelberg, Germany)

Deadline: 30th Apr 2022

Phenomenology and Critique (4th – 6th November 2022, Chicago, United States of America)

Deadline: 15th May 2022

Phenomenology and Mind vol.24 : The true, the valid and the normative

Deadline: 31st May 2022

The True, the Valid and the Normative (20th – 22nd September 2022, Milano, Italy)

Deadline: 31st May 2022

Metodo vol.10/2 : On history

Deadline: 31st May 2022

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.23 : Phenomenologies of the image

Deadline: 1st Jun 2022

Phenomenology and the Sciences (13th – 15th September 2022, Padova, Italy)

Deadline: 15th Jun 2022

The Phenomenology of Chronic Illness and Ageing (17th – 18th November 2022, Stockholm, Sweden)

Deadline: 15th Aug 2022

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.8 : Democracies in Crisis

Deadline: 1st Oct 2022

Upcoming Events

Phenomenological Approaches to Social Perception

6th – 8th Apr 2022
Montréal, Canada

Denken des Dazwischen, Poetik des Medialen

11th – 12th Apr 2022
Hamburg, Germany

Politics and Life and Death

21st – 23rd Apr 2022
Stockholm, Sweden

Essences and Ideas: Metaphysics and Religion in Early Phenomenology

28th – 30th Apr 2022
Ottawa, Canada

People on Streets. Critical Phenomenologies of Embodied Resistance

12th – 14th May 2022
Paderborn, Germany

Nostalgia Between Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

20th May 2022
Wien, Austria

Auftaktworkshop des DFG-Projekts »Visuelle Bildung« mit den Gästen Bernhard Waldenfels und Mirjam Schaub

20th – 21st May 2022
Passau, Germany

56th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle

26th – 29th May 2022
Memphis, United States of America

Max Scheler in the Debates on Europe

16th – 18th Jun 2022
Paris, France

Phänomenologie der digitalen Welt

28th – 30th Jun 2022
Hagen, Germany

Phänomenologie der Öffentlichkeit

1st Jul 2022
Tübingen, Germany

Ethics of Democracy: Emmanuel Levinas

1st – 5th Aug 2022
Buffalo City, United States of AmericaView all events in the Open Commons Calendar

New Books & Translations

Belvedere C.
A treatise in phenomenological sociology: object, method, findings, and applications

Lexington Books, 2022

Farges J., Fournier J. , Pradelle D. (eds)
Édifier un monde: Autour de la notion d’Aufbau chez Carnap et en phénoménologie

Sorbonne Université Presses, 2022

Jardine J.
Empathy, embodiment, and the person: Husserlian investigations of social experience and the self

Springer, 2022

Di Martino C. (ed)
Heidegger and contemporary philosophy: technology, living, society & science

Springer, 2022

Capobianco R.
Heidegger and the Holy

Rowman & Littlefield, 2022

Formisano R., de Simone G. (eds)
La religione come fenomeno: Ricerche e studi a partire da Michel Henry

Orthotes, 2022

Feron A.
Le Moment marxiste de la phénoménologie française: Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Trần Đức Thảo

Springer, 2022

Michel B.
Phénomène, sens et substrat: De quoi la conscience est-elle faite ?

L’Harmattan, 2022

Hornbuckle C., Smith J., Smith W.S. (eds)
Phenomenology of the object and human positioning: human, non-human and posthuman

Springer, 2021

Chu M., Vargas Guillen G. (eds)
Razón y responsabilidad: Homenaje a Rosemary Rizo-Patrón de Lerner

Aula de Humanidades, 2021

Vaschalde R.
Suivant Michel Henry

L’Harmattan, 2022

Coe (ed)
The Palgrave handbook of German idealism and phenomenology

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

Morujão C., Dimas S., Relvas S.
The Philosophy of Ortega y Gasset reevaluated

Springer, 2021

Storm Heter
The sonic gaze: Jazz, whiteness, and racialized listening

Rowman & Littlefield, 2022

Yandell M.S.
War and negative revelation: a theoethical reflection on moral injury

Lexington Books, 2022

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