NEWS | Newsletter of Phenomenology

Newsletter of Phenomenology – Number 596 (June 2021)

Call for Papers

La actualidad de la fenomenologí­a y la hermenéutica. Perspectivas y Temas (XVII Jornadas Peruanas de Fenomenologí­a y Hermenéutica) (1st – 3rd September 2021, Lima, Peru)

Deadline: 1st Jul 2021

In the Shadows of Religious Experience: Hostility, Violence, Revenge (6th – 8th October 2021, Online, Switzerland)

Deadline: 10th Jul 2021

People on Streets. Critical Phenomenologies of Embodied Resistance (12th – 14th May 2022, Paderborn, Germany)

Deadline: 15th Jul 2021

Metodo vol.9/2 : Reification

Deadline: 31st Jul 2021

Discipline Filosofiche vol.31/2 : Intuition and its forms

Deadline: 15th Aug 2021

The Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy vol.29 : Jan Patočka and French philosophy

Deadline: 15th Aug 2021

Metodo vol.10/1 : Familiarity and togetherness

Deadline: 30th Sep 2021

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.7 : The many faces of alterity

Deadline: 1st Oct 2021

Humanities vol.n/a : Merleau-Ponty and literature

Deadline: 15th Oct 2021

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.22 : Gestures

Deadline: 15th Nov 2021

CRITICAL HERMENEUTICS : BIANNUAL INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY vol.5 : Living, interpreting, understanding philosophically

Deadline: 1st Dec 2021

Studia Heideggeriana vol.11 : Phenomenological Interpretations of Not-Being-At-Home

Deadline: 15th Dec 2021

Upcoming Events

Summer Module Course “Affective Intentionality in Medieval Philosophy and Phenomenology”

26th – 30th Jul 2021
Würzburg, Germany

VI Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Estudios Heideggerianos

3rd – 24th Sep 2021
Medellí­n, Colombia

First Austrian Summer School in Phenomenology: Phenomenological Approaches to Epistemology, Metaethics, and Metaphysics

6th – 8th Sep 2021
Graz, Austria

XIII Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Fenomenologí­a

15th – 17th Sep 2021
Sevilla, Spain

The SPHS 2021 Annual Conference. Virtual Conference with SPEP

17th – 24th Sep 2021
Konstanz, Germany

2021 Annual Conference of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences (SPHS)

17th – 18th Sep 2021
Online, Switzerland

24th Annual International Conference

30th Sep – 2nd Oct 2021
Millersville, United States of America

Paul RicŔur on Collective Identities

15th – 17th Nov 2021
Trier, Germany

Phenomenology and sociality. The 6th Conference of the Central and East European Society for Phenomenology

2nd – 4th Dec 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phenomenology and Sociality

2nd – 4th Dec 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience Group Meeting, Central APA

23rd – 26th Feb 2022
Chicago, United States of America

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New Books & Translations

Schnell A.
Der frühe Derrida und die Phí¤nomenologie

Klostermann, 2021

Jí¤ger L.
Heidegger: Ein deutsches Leben

Rowohlt, 2021

Husserl et l’horizon comme problí¨me: Une contribution í  l’histoire de la phénoménologie

Presses universitaires du Septentrion, 2021

Merleau-Ponty M.
Il mondo sensibile e il mondo dell’espressione

Mimesis, 2021

Galanti Grollo S.
L’alterití  della carne: Il tema del corpo nel pensiero di Paul Ricoeur

Quodlibet, 2021

Bobant C.
L’art et le monde: une esthétique phénoménologique

Mimesis, 2021

Alt F.
L’hantologie de Sartre: Sur la spectralité dans L’íŠtre et le Néant

Peeters, 2021

Alloa E.
La imagen diáfana: Fenomenologia de los medios visuales

metales pesados, 2021

Engelland C. (ed)
Language and phenomenology

Routledge, 2020

Hołda M.
On beauty and being: Hans-Georg Gadamer’s and Virginia Woolf’s hermeneutics of the beautiful

Peter Lang, 2021

Varlik S.
Paul Ricoeur’de Temellük ve Tahayyül

Alfa Publishing, 2021

Larsen K., Gilbert P. (eds)
Phenomenological interpretations of Ancient philosophy

Brill, 2021

Renaudie P.-J., Spaak C.V. (eds)
Phénoménologies de la matií¨re

CNRS, 2021

Engelland C.

MIT Press, 2020

Zhang W., Cai W. (eds)
Phenomenology of Xin-Xing. Phí¤nomenologie des Xin-Xing.

Königshausen & Neumann, 2021

Rodrigo P.
Post-phénoménologies: Merleau-Ponty, Patočka, Barbaras

Peeters, 2021

Mansilla Torres K.
Resignificar la violencia: El pensamiento polí­tico de Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, 2021

Marsh J.
Saying peace: Levinas, eurocentrism, solidarity

SUNY Press, 2021

Rheinberger H.-J.
Spalt und Fuge: Eine Phí¤nomenologie des Experiments

Suhrkamp, 2021

Lindberg S.
Techniques en philosophie

Hermann, 2020