NEWS | Newsletter of Phenomenology

Newsletter of Phenomenology – Number 588 (October 2020)

Call for Papers

Review of Philosophy and Psychology vol.12: Hostile emotions

Deadline: 31st Oct 2020

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.21: From witnessing to testimony

Deadline: 15th Nov 2020

Studia Heideggeriana vol.10: Phenomenology of the self

Deadline: 15th Jan 2021

The Experience of the Stranger: The Struggle to Find a Home and the Struggle to Welcome the Stranger (4th – 6th June 2021, St. Louis, United States of America)

Deadline: 30th Jan 2021

Open Theology vol.7 : Phenomenology of Religious Experience V

Deadline: 31st Mar 2021

Metodo vol.9/2 : Reification

Deadline: 31st Jul 2021

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.7 : The many faces of alterity

Deadline: 1st Oct 2021

Upcoming Events

Subjectivity reconsidered beyond the Cultural Divide. Responsibility facing the 2020 Crisis

29th – 31st Oct 2020
Lima, Peru

Panel on Spirituality and Religion

22nd – 24th Feb 2021
New Orleans, United States of America


31st May – 4th Jun 2021
Edmonton, Canada

Explorations: Future Paths of Phenomenology

6th – 9th Jul 2021
Thyon, SwitzerlandView all events in the Open Commons Calendar

New Books & Translations

Van Kerckhoven G.
“Einander zu ereignen”: Rilkes diskrete Phänomenologie der Begegnung

Alber, 2020

van Manen M., Van Manen M. (eds)
Classic writings for a phenomenology of practice

Routledge, 2020

Pasqualin C., Sforza M.A. (eds)
Das Vorprädikative

Alber, 2020

Maly K.
Five ground-breaking moments in Heidegger’s thinking

University of Toronto Press, 2020

Coyne L.
Hans Jonas: life, technology and the horizons of responsibility

Bloomsbury, 2020

Cykowski B.
Heidegger’s metaphysical abyss: between the Human and the Animal

Oxford University Press, 2020

Roesner M.
Ich – Logos – Welt: Der egologische Ansatz der Ersten Philosophie bei Meister Eckhart und Edmund Husserl

Alber, 2020

Cazzanelli S.
Indicación formal y donación: Método y práctica de la hermenéutica en Heidegger

Comares, 2020

Gerlek S.
Korporalität und Praxis: Revision der Leib-Körper-Differenz in Maurice Merleau-Pontys philosophischem Werk

Fink, 2020

Jean G.
L’humanité à son insu: Phénoménologie, anthropologie, métaphysique

Association Internationale de Phénoménologie, 2020

Bégout B.
Le concept d’ambiance

Seuil, 2020

Piazza A.
Metaphysische und religiöse Gotteserkenntnis: Der religionsphänomenologische Ansatz Max Schelers

Bautz, 2020

Anders G.
Phénoménologie de l’écoute

Philarmonie de Paris Editions, 2020

He N.
Sein und Sinn von Sein: Untersuchung zum Kernproblem der Philosophie Martin Heideggers

Alber, 2020

Hasse J.
Wohnungswechsel: Phänomenologie des Ein- und Auswohnens

transcript, 2020

Guzzoni U.
Wollen wir noch Subjekte sein?: Unterwegs zu einem bildhaften Denken

Alber, 2020

CfP Studia Phaenomenologica vol. 22 / 2022: GESTURES

Guest Editors: Christian Ferencz-Flatz & Delia Popa In recent years, gestures have moved into the center stage of theoretical interest. Prepared by various forays in the field of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, which led to an increased focus...

Nicolae Turcan, “Liturgy and Apophaticism”, Religions 12(9), 2021

The Orthodox liturgy is a religious phenomenon that can be analyzed phenomenologically and theologically alike, given the emphasis that both phenomenology and Orthodox theology place on experience. By proposing the Kingdom of God instead of the natural world without...