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Newsletter of Phenomenology – Number 580 (February 2020)

Call for Papers

Affective Intentionality in Medieval Philosophy and Phenomenlogy (24th – 28th August 2020, Würzburg, Germany) Deadline: 15th Feb 2020

Emmanuel Levinas: Ethics of Democracy (10th – 14th August 2020, Buffalo City, United States of America) Deadline: 1st Mar 2020

Explorations: Future Paths of Phenomenology (17th – 20th August 2020, Thyon, Switzerland) Deadline: 31st Mar 2020

Religious Experience and the Crisis of Secular Reason (16th – 18th September 2020, Wien, Austria) Deadline: 30th May 2020

De la vida del tiempo. Temporalidad, afecto, sentido (15th – 18th September 2020, Sevilla, Spain) Deadline: 31st May 2020

Topoi vol.39 : Double Intentionality Deadline: 31st May 2020

Discipline Filosofiche vol.30/2 : The renewal of hermeneutics Deadline: 15th Jun 2020

Metodo vol.8/2 : Positive feelings on the border between phenomenology, psychology and virtue ethics Deadline: 31st Jul 2020

Studia UBB Philosophia vol.3 : Knowledge-that/knowledge-how Deadline: 15th Sep 2020

Phenomenology and the social Deadline: 21st Sep 2020

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.6 : Modes of dwelling, kinds of hospitalities – Manières d’habiter, modes d’hospitalité Deadline: 1st Oct 2020

Upcoming Events

Incarnation 7th – 8th Feb 2020
Paris, France

Phenomenology, Existentialism & Realism 14th Feb 2020
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Presente y futuro de la fenomenología 17th Feb – 27th Apr 2020
Madrid, Spain

Experiencing art: phenomenology, impressionism, and beyond 12th – 13th Mar 2020
Pittsburgh, United States of America

Das “Wesen” der Phänomenologie 25th – 27th Mar 2020
Wuppertal, Germany

Amodal perception, intersensoriality, synesthesia 20th – 24th Apr 2020
Liège, Belgium

Phenomenology as Method 22nd – 24th Apr 2020
New York City, United States of America

Phenomenology of Norms, Rules and Law 23rd – 25th Apr 2020
Helsinki, Finland

Remembering: Phenomenological and Analytic Approaches 6th – 7th May 2020
Grenoble, France

Speaking Bodies. Embodied Cognition at the Crossroads of Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology and Artificial Intelligence 13th – 15th May 2020
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Back to the things themselves 30th May 2020
London, ON, Canada

Can Myth be a Resource for Critique? Phenomenological and Existential Perspectives 1st – 3rd Jun 2020
London, ON, Canada

The Experience of the Stranger: The Struggle to Find a Home and the Struggle to Welcome the Stranger 5th – 7th Jun 2020
St. Louis, United States of America

Methodology in Interdisciplinary Phenomenology 8th – 10th Jun 2020
Pittsburgh, United States of America

D’un bord l’autre, Derrida 10th – 13th Jun 2020
Marseille, France

Kosmos, Nature, Life-World 6th – 10th Jul 2020
Venezia, Italy

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New Books & Translations

Brudzińska J.
Bi-Valenz der Erfahrung: Assoziation, Imaginäres und Trieb in der Genesis der Subjektivität bei Husserl und Freud
Springer, 2019

Bodea C., Popa D. (eds)
Describing the unconscious: phenomenological perspectives on the subject of psychoanalysis
Zeta Books, 2020

Depraz N., Künstler R. (eds)
Enquête sur les représentations mentales: Comment les concevoir? Comment s’en passer?
Matériologiques, 2020

Blok V.
Heidegger’s concept of philosophical method: innovating philosophy in the age of global warming
Routledge, 2019

Kleinberg-Levin D.M.
Heidegger’s phenomenology of perception: an introduction
Rowman & Littlefield, 2019

Husserl E.
Il Bambino: La genesi del sentire e del conoscere l’altro. Testo a Fronte (trans. Ales Bello Angela)
Fattore Umano Edizioni, 2019

Bensussan G.
L’Écriture de l’involontaire: philosophie de Proust
Classiques Garnier, 2020

Merleau-Ponty M.
Le problème de la parole: Cours au Collège de France. Notes 1953-1954
metis presses, 2020

Breeur R.
Lies – imposture – stupidity
Jonas ir Jokūbas, 2019

Kaushik R.
Merleau-Ponty between philosophy and symbolism: the matrixed ontology
SUNY Press, 2019

Soares Santos E.
Path of science of man in Heidegger
Bautz, 2019

Pelluchon C.
Pour comprendre Levinas: Un philosophe pour notre temps
Seuil, 2020

McMullin I., Burch M. , Marsh J. (eds)
Transcending reason: Heidegger on rationality
Rowman & Littlefield, 2020

D’Angelo D.
Zeichenhorizonte: Semiotische Strukturen in Husserls Phänomenologie der Wahrnehmung
Springer, 2019

Supporting Publishers

CfP Studia Phaenomenologica vol. 22 / 2022: GESTURES

Guest Editors: Christian Ferencz-Flatz & Delia Popa In recent years, gestures have moved into the center stage of theoretical interest. Prepared by various forays in the field of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, which led to an increased focus...