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Newsletter of Phenomenology – Issue  601 (November 2021)


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Issue  601 (November 2021)

Editor:  Cristian Ciocan

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  2. Upcoming Events
  3. New Books & Translations
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Call for Papers

CRITICAL HERMENEUTICS : BIANNUAL INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY vol.5 : Living, interpreting, understanding philosophically

Deadline: 1st Dec 2021

Studia Heideggeriana vol.11 : Phenomenological Interpretations of Not-Being-At-Home

Deadline: 15th Dec 2021

Discipline Filosofiche vol.32/1 : The experience of pain

Deadline: 31st Dec 2021

Phí¤nomenologie der digitalen Welt (22nd – 24th March 2022, Hagen, Germany)

Deadline: 31st Dec 2021

Politics and Life and Death (21st – 23rd April 2022, Stockholm, Sweden)

Deadline: 3rd Jan 2022

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.22 : Gestures

Deadline: 15th Jan 2022

56th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle (26th – 29th May 2022, Memphis, United States of America)

Deadline: 1st Feb 2022

Aisthema vol.9 : Michel Henry (1922-2002)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Panel: Lifeworld, Relevance, Encyclopedia (30th Aug – 3rd September 2022, Thessaloní­ki, Greece)

Deadline: 31st Mar 2022

Studia Phaenomenologica vol.23 : Phenomenologies of the image

Deadline: 1st Jun 2022

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.8 : Democracies in Crisis

Deadline: 1st Oct 2022

Upcoming Events

Phenomenology and sociality. The 6th Conference of the Central and East European Society for Phenomenology

2nd – 4th Dec 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phenomenology of values and personal identity

2nd – 3rd Dec 2021
Milano, Italy

Real/Unreal. Towards a Phenomenology of Virtuality

17th – 18th Dec 2021
Warszawa, Poland

Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience Group Meeting, Central APA

23rd – 26th Feb 2022
Chicago, United States of America

People on Streets. Critical Phenomenologies of Embodied Resistance

12th – 14th May 2022
Paderborn, Germany

Nostalgia Between Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

20th May 2022
Wien, Austria

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New Books & Translations

Trigg D. (ed)
Atmospheres and shared emotions

Routledge, 2021

Manganaro P.
Corpi soggetti: Edmund Husserl, Edith Stein, & gli altri

Inschibboleth, 2021

Heidegger M., Löwith K.
Correspondence: 1919-1973 (trans. Goesser Assaiante Julia; Montgomery Ewegen Shane)

Rowman & Littlefield, 2021

Flock P.
Das Phí¤nomenologische und das Symbolische: Marc Richirs Phí¤nomenologie der Sinnbildung

Springer, 2021

Van Mazijk C.
De wereld als verschijning: Fenomenologie en de twintigste eeuw

Boom, 2021

Rojcewicz R.
Heidegger, Plato, philosophy, death: an atmosphere of mortality

Rowman & Littlefield, 2021

Bellini B.
How change and identity coexist in personal individuality: a phenomenological account of self-shaping

Springer, 2021

Thumser J.-D.

Ellipses, 2021

Faessler M.
L’Anarchie de Dieu: Dans les pas d’Emmanuel Levinas

Hermann, 2021

Frey D.
La religion dans la philosophie de Paul Ricoeur

Hermann, 2021

Iaia G.
La vita, un sagio infinito: Studi su Michel Henry

ETS, 2021

Slama P.
Phénoménologie transcendantale: Figures du transcendantal de Kant í  Heidegger

Springer, 2021

Rivera J.
Phenomenology and the horizon of experience: spiritual themes in Henry, Marion, and Lacoste

Routledge, 2021

Crowther P.
The phenomenology of aesthetic consciousness and phantasy: working with Husserl

Routledge, 2021

De Monticelli R.
Towards a phenomenological axiology: discovering what matters

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

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