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Newsletter of Phenomenology: Issue 578 – December 2019

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Issue 578 – December 2019

Call for Papers

The Experience of the Stranger: The Struggle to Find a Home and the Struggle to Welcome the Stranger (5th – 7th June 2020, St. Louis, United States of America)

Deadline: 15th Dec 2019

Phenomenology of Norms, Rules and Law (23rd – 25th April 2020, Helsinki, Finland)

Deadline: 16th Dec 2019

Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy vol.8/1 : On institutions

Deadline: 31st Dec 2019

Back to the things themselves (30th May 2020, London, ON, Canada)

Deadline: 7th Jan 2020

Amodal perception, intersensoriality, synesthesia (20th – 24th April 2020, Liège, Belgium)

Deadline: 10th Jan 2020

Chiasmi International vol.22/1 : Reflexes, reflections

Deadline: 15th Jan 2020

Chiasmi International vol.22/2 : Merleau-Ponty and technology

Deadline: 15th Jan 2020

Remembering: Phenomenological and Analytic Approaches (6th – 7th May 2020, Grenoble, France)

Deadline: 31st Jan 2020

Tópicos del Seminario vol.2020 : The affective turn of phenomenology

Deadline: 22nd May 2020

Topoi vol.39 : Double Intentionality

Deadline: 31st May 2020

Discipline Filosofiche vol.30/2 : The renewal of hermeneutics

Deadline: 15th Jun 2020

Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy vol.8/2 : Positive feelings on the border between phenomenology, psychology and virtue ethics

Deadline: 31st Jul 2020

Études phénoménologiques – Phenomenological Studies vol.6 : Modes of dwelling, kinds of hospitalities – Manières d’habiter, modes d’hospitalité

Deadline: 1st Oct 2020

Upcoming Events

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

4th – 6th Dec 2019
Melbourne, Australia

Embodied Practices between Phenomenology and Performance

6th – 7th Dec 2019
Hildesheim, Germany

L’idée fondamentale d’une phénoménologie générative et la question de l’« Absolu »

7th Dec 2019
Paris, France

Journées doctorales et postdoctorales de la Faculté de Philosophie de l’lnstitut Catholique de Toulouse

22nd – 23rd Dec 2019
Toulouse, France

Phenomenology, Existentialism & Realism

14th Feb 2020
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Speaking Bodies. Embodied Cognition at the Crossroads of Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology and Artificial Intelligence

13th – 15th May 2020
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Can Myth be a Resource for Critique? Phenomenological and Existential Perspectives

1st – 3rd Jun 2020
London, ON, Canada

D’un bord l’autre, Derrida

10th – 13th Jun 2020
Marseille, FranceView all events in the Open Commons Calendar
New Books & Translations

Arrien S.-J., Hardy J.-S., Perrier J.-F. (eds)
Aux marges de la phénoménologie: lectures de Marc Richir

Hermann, 2019

Pirktina L.
Das Ereignis: Martin Heidegger, Emmanuel Levinas, Jean-Luc Marion

Alber, 2019

Dzwiza-Ohlsen E.
Die Horizonte der Lebenswelt: Sprachphilosophische Studien zu Husserls ‘erster Phänomenologie der Lebenswelt’

Fink, 2019

Apostolopoulos D.
Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of language

Rowman & Littlefield, 2019

Fragio A., Philippi M., Ros Velasco J. (eds)
Metaphorologie, Anthropologie, Phänomenologie: Neue Forschungen zum Nachlass Hans Blumenbergs

Alber, 2019

Lehmann R.
Stiller Zeuge – Bewegtes Leben: Selbstbewusstsein in Phänomenologie und Advaita-Vedānta

Alber, 2019

Fink E.
Textentwürfe zur Phänomenologie 1930-1932

Alber, 2019

Husserl E.
Textos breves (1887-1936) (trans. García-Baró Miguel; Abella Manuel; Serra Carlo; Rose Dan; Ferrer Daniel)

Sigueme, 2019

Romanian Philosophy Newsletter – Nr. 2 (166) / February 2020

I. PREZENȚE INTERNAȚIONALE A) Cărți sau volume colective publicate la edituri din străinătate Sorin Baiasu, Alberto Vanzo (eds.), Kant and the Continental Tradition, Routledge, 2020 Adrian Brasoveanu, Jakub Dotlačil, Computational Cognitive Modeling and Linguistic...