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New issue: Studia Phaenomenologica 19 (2019) — On Conflict and Violence

ON CONFLICT AND VIOLENCE Studia Phaenomenologica

Cristian Ciocan & Paul Marinescu: Introduction: On Conflict and Violence

Bernhard Waldenfels: Metamorphoses of Violence (translation by Amalia Trepca)

Pascal Delhom: L’expérience de la violence subie: accès aux phénomènes

James Mensch: Trust and Violence

Michael Staudigl: Parasitic Confrontations: Toward a Phenomenology of Collective Violence

Burkhard Liebsch: „Herrscht“ Krieg ‒ seit je her, gegenwärtig und auf immer? „Polemologische“ Überlegungen zur Frage, ob wir ihm ausgesetzt oder (auch) ausgeliefert sind

Delia Popa: Entre réversibilité et réverbération. Une approche phénoménologique de la violence sociale

Irene Breuer: Phenomenological Reflections on the Intertwining of Violence, Place and Memory. The Memorials of the Ungraspable

Mihai Ometiță: Hermeneutic Violence and Interpretive Conflict: Heidegger vs. Cassirer on Kant

Chiara Pesaresi: « L’ébranlement du monde bien connu » : Lectures croisées de Patočka et Maldiney

Jason W. Alvis: Ricœur on Violence and Religion: Or, Violence Gives Rise to Thought

Michael Barber: Could the Focus on Transcendental Violence Be Violent?

Leonard Lawlor: The Most Difficult Task: On the Idea of an Impure, Pure Non-Violence (in Derrida)


Mădălina Guzun: Briser le silence : Le déploiement de la langue comme traduction du silence en son chez Martin Heidegger

Max Schaefer: Bonds of Trust: Thinking the Limits of Reciprocity with Heidegger and Michel Henry

Ahmet Süner: The Ineluctable Sign in Sartre’s Account of Franconay’s Imitation

Mathieu Cochereau: La Dissidence et l’unité des trois mouvements de l’existence chez Jan Patočka


Erik Norman Dzwiza-Ohlsen: Hans Blumenberg, Phänomenologische Schriften. 1981–1988 (Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2018)

Alexandru Bejinariu: Alexander Schnell, Was ist Phänomenologie? (Frankfurt a. Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 2019)

Christian Ferencz-Flatz: Nicolas De Warren & Thomas Vongehr (eds), Philosophers at the Front. Phenomenology and the First World War (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2017)

Mihaela-Cătălina Condruz: Mark Vorobej, The concept of violence (New York: Routledge, 2016)

Delia Popa: Claire Marin, Rupture(s) (Paris: L’édition de L’Observatoire/La relève, 2019)


Madalina Diaconu, “Material Events, Vibrant Essences and Resonant Atmospheres: An Approach to Perfumery in the Light of Contemporary Aesthetics”, in: Aesthetics in Dialogue. Applying Philosophy of Art in a Global World (Peter Lang, 2020)

The impact of aesthetics is increasing again. For today’s scholars, aesthetic theories are a significant companion and contribution in studying and ana-lysing cultural phenomena and production. Today’s scene of aesthetics is more global than what it is in most...