NEWS | Studia Phaenomenologica

New issue: Studia Phaenomenologica 17 (2017) – Phenomenology of Animality


Cristian Ciocan, Mădălina Diaconu: Introduction: Phenomenology of Animality. Challenges and Perspectives

Maxine Sheets-JohnstoneHusserlian Phenomenology and Darwinian Evolutionary Biology: Complementarities, Exemplifications, and Implications

Andreas BeinsteinerThe “As” and the Open: On the Methodological Relevance of Heidegger’s Anthropocentrism

Tommy AnderssonOtherworldly Worlds. Rethinking Animality With and Beyond Martin Heidegger

Frank ShalowAnimal Welfare, the Earth, and Embodiment: Transforming the Task of Hermeneutic Phenomenology

Christian SternadBeing Capable of Death. Remarks on the Death of the Animal from a Phenomenological Perspective

Simona BertoliniIst der Mensch auch ein Tier? Zwei Antworten der phänomenologischen Tradition

Lucia ZaiettaLa première personne en biologie : passion et révolution. Repenser la subjectivité animale à la lumière de la dimension pathique

James MenschThe Animal and the Divine: The Alterity that I Am

Corry ShoresWhat Is It Like To Become a Rat? Animal Phenomenology through Uexküll and Deleuze & Guattari

Jean-François PerrierDe la phénoménologie à l’éthique animale. Subjectivité et animalité chez Jacques Derrida

Orietta Ombrosi“Stealthy as a wolf” toward the wolves

Galit WellnerDo Animals Have Technologies?


Thomas ByrneThe Dawn of Husserl’s Pure Logical Grammar: Husserl’s Study of Inauthentic Judgments from “On The Logic Of Signs” as the Germ of the “Fourth Logical Investigation”

Luis Román RabanaqueDorion Cairns’ Contributions to a Phenomenology of Animism

Claude RomanoL’énigme du « Selbst » dans l’ontologie fondamentale heideggérienne

Roberto TerziÊtre, histoire, écriture : Derrida lecteur de Heidegger

Vincent BlokRealism without Speculation: Heidegger, Meillassoux and the Question of Philosophical Method

Benjamin DelmottePour une phénoménologie de l’évidence esthétique


Mădălina Diaconu: Hermann Schmitz, Atmosphären (Freiburg/München: Karl Alber, 2014)

Alexander Schnell: Claudia Serban, Phénoménologie de la possibilité. Husserl et Heidegger (Paris: PUF, 2016)

Alexandru Bejinariu: Dieter Lohmar, Denken ohne Sprache. Phänomenologie des nicht-sprachlichen Denkens bei Mensch und Tier im Licht der Evolutionsforschung, Primatologie und Neurologie (Dordrecht: Springer, 2016)

Christian Sternad: Michael Staudigl, Phänomenologie der Gewalt (Dordrecht: Springer, 2014)

Andrei Simionescu-Panait: Florence Burgat & Christian Sommer (éd.), Le phénomène du vivant. Buytendijk et l’anthropologie philosophique (Genève: Métis Presses, 2016)

Cătălina Condruz: Jason W. Alvis, Marion and Derrida on the Gift and Desire: Debating the Generosity of Things (Dordrecht: Springer, 2016)

Mădălina Diaconu: Hartmut Rosa, Resonanz. Eine Soziologie der Weltbeziehung (Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2016)


Madalina Diaconu, “Material Events, Vibrant Essences and Resonant Atmospheres: An Approach to Perfumery in the Light of Contemporary Aesthetics”, in: Aesthetics in Dialogue. Applying Philosophy of Art in a Global World (Peter Lang, 2020)

The impact of aesthetics is increasing again. For today’s scholars, aesthetic theories are a significant companion and contribution in studying and ana-lysing cultural phenomena and production. Today’s scene of aesthetics is more global than what it is in most...