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New issue: Studia Phaenomenologica 17 (2017) – Phenomenology of Animality


Cristian Ciocan, Mădălina Diaconu: Introduction: Phenomenology of Animality. Challenges and Perspectives

Maxine Sheets-JohnstoneHusserlian Phenomenology and Darwinian Evolutionary Biology: Complementarities, Exemplifications, and Implications

Andreas BeinsteinerThe “As” and the Open: On the Methodological Relevance of Heidegger’s Anthropocentrism

Tommy AnderssonOtherworldly Worlds. Rethinking Animality With and Beyond Martin Heidegger

Frank ShalowAnimal Welfare, the Earth, and Embodiment: Transforming the Task of Hermeneutic Phenomenology

Christian SternadBeing Capable of Death. Remarks on the Death of the Animal from a Phenomenological Perspective

Simona BertoliniIst der Mensch auch ein Tier? Zwei Antworten der phänomenologischen Tradition

Lucia ZaiettaLa première personne en biologie : passion et révolution. Repenser la subjectivité animale à la lumière de la dimension pathique

James MenschThe Animal and the Divine: The Alterity that I Am

Corry ShoresWhat Is It Like To Become a Rat? Animal Phenomenology through Uexküll and Deleuze & Guattari

Jean-François PerrierDe la phénoménologie à l’éthique animale. Subjectivité et animalité chez Jacques Derrida

Orietta Ombrosi“Stealthy as a wolf” toward the wolves

Galit WellnerDo Animals Have Technologies?


Thomas ByrneThe Dawn of Husserl’s Pure Logical Grammar: Husserl’s Study of Inauthentic Judgments from “On The Logic Of Signs” as the Germ of the “Fourth Logical Investigation”

Luis Román RabanaqueDorion Cairns’ Contributions to a Phenomenology of Animism

Claude RomanoL’énigme du « Selbst » dans l’ontologie fondamentale heideggérienne

Roberto TerziÊtre, histoire, écriture : Derrida lecteur de Heidegger

Vincent BlokRealism without Speculation: Heidegger, Meillassoux and the Question of Philosophical Method

Benjamin DelmottePour une phénoménologie de l’évidence esthétique


Mădălina Diaconu: Hermann Schmitz, Atmosphären (Freiburg/München: Karl Alber, 2014)

Alexander Schnell: Claudia Serban, Phénoménologie de la possibilité. Husserl et Heidegger (Paris: PUF, 2016)

Alexandru Bejinariu: Dieter Lohmar, Denken ohne Sprache. Phänomenologie des nicht-sprachlichen Denkens bei Mensch und Tier im Licht der Evolutionsforschung, Primatologie und Neurologie (Dordrecht: Springer, 2016)

Christian Sternad: Michael Staudigl, Phänomenologie der Gewalt (Dordrecht: Springer, 2014)

Andrei Simionescu-Panait: Florence Burgat & Christian Sommer (éd.), Le phénomène du vivant. Buytendijk et l’anthropologie philosophique (Genève: Métis Presses, 2016)

Cătălina Condruz: Jason W. Alvis, Marion and Derrida on the Gift and Desire: Debating the Generosity of Things (Dordrecht: Springer, 2016)

Mădălina Diaconu: Hartmut Rosa, Resonanz. Eine Soziologie der Weltbeziehung (Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2016)


EXTENDED DEADLINE: Studia Phaenomenologica vol. 22 (2022): GESTURES

Guest Editors: Christian Ferencz-Flatz & Delia Popa In recent years, gestures have moved into the center stage of theoretical interest. Prepared by various forays in the field of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, which led to an increased focus...