NEWS | Studia Phaenomenologica

New issue: Studia Phaenomenologica 16 (2016) – Film and Phenomenology


Christian Ferencz-Flatz and Julian Hanich: Editors’ Introduction: What is Film Phenomenology?

Vivian Sobchack: “The Active Eye” (Revisited): Toward a Phenomenology of Cinematic Movement

Hans Rainer Sepp: Kamera und Leib: Film in statu nascendi

Pierre RodrigoOntologie du mouvement, peinture et cinéma chez Merleau-Ponty

Anna Caterina Dalmasso: Le plan subjectif réversible : Sur le point de vue au cinéma à partir des écrits de Merleau-Ponty

Orna Raviv: The Cinematic Point of View: Thinking Film with Merleau-Ponty

Olivier MalherbeRoman Ingarden et le cinéma : entre visibilité et musicalité

Matthew Rukgaber: Phenomenological Film Theory and Max Scheler’s Personalist Aesthetics

Jean-Pierre Meunier: Le problème de l’identification filmique reconsidéré

Regina-Nino MionHusserl and Cinematographic Depictive Images: The Conflict between the Actor and the Character

Claudio Rozzoni: Cinema Consciousness: Elements of a Husserlian Approach to Film Image

Mauro CarboneThe Mutation of our Relations with Screens as a Mutation of our Relations with Being

Corry Shores: Cinematic Signs and the Phenomenology of Time: Deleuze and the Visual Experience of Temporal Depth

Jennifer Barker: Haunted Phenomenology and Synesthetic Cinema

Tanya Shilina-Conte: How It Feels: Black Screen as Negative Event in Early Cinema and 9/11 Films

Jane Stadler: Experiential Realism and Motion Pictures: A Neurophenomenological Approach


Frank Chouraqui: Circulus Vitiosus Deus: Merleau-Ponty on the Place of Ontology within Being

John Krummel: Chōra in Heidegger and Nishida

Rolf Kühn: Das Affektive als Welt und Fremderfahrung: Zur Einheit radikal phänomenologischer Wirklichkeit als Lebensimmanenz

Christopher Lapierre: Affectivité et imaginaire chez Merleau-Ponty : Nouvelles lectures


Mădălina Diaconu: Iris Därmann (Hg.), Kraft der Dinge. Phänomenologische Skizzen (Paderborn: Fink, 2014)

Lucian Ionel: Thomas Sheehan, Making Sense of Heidegger: A Paradigm Shift (London, New York: Rowman & Littlefield International, 2015)

Rolf Kühn: Jean Reaidy, Naissance mystique et divinisation chez Maître Eckhart et Michel Henry (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2015)

Ştefan-Sebastian Maftei: Alfonsina Scarinzi (ed.). Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind: Beyond Art Theory and the Cartesian Mind-Body Dichotomy (Dordrecht: Springer, 2015)


Madalina Diaconu, “Material Events, Vibrant Essences and Resonant Atmospheres: An Approach to Perfumery in the Light of Contemporary Aesthetics”, in: Aesthetics in Dialogue. Applying Philosophy of Art in a Global World (Peter Lang, 2020)

The impact of aesthetics is increasing again. For today’s scholars, aesthetic theories are a significant companion and contribution in studying and ana-lysing cultural phenomena and production. Today’s scene of aesthetics is more global than what it is in most...