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Cristian Ciocan & Paul Marinescu – Introduction: On Conflict and Violence (Studia Phaenomenologica, 2019)

In the world we live in, the presence of violence is undeniable: its phenomenal field spreads from extreme forms of destruction, which often set the bloody milestones of our history, to expressions entangled in our everyday life. Equally undeniable is the destabilizing effect that the experience of violence has on those who are involved, under different hypostases, as victims, actors, or witnesses. Indeed, throughout the experience of violence—regardless of its historical or everyday expression—the constitutive dimensions of subjectivity get distorted in relationship with the body, affectivity and understanding, otherness, spatiality, and temporality. [Full text]

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Madalina Diaconu, “Material Events, Vibrant Essences and Resonant Atmospheres: An Approach to Perfumery in the Light of Contemporary Aesthetics”, in: Aesthetics in Dialogue. Applying Philosophy of Art in a Global World (Peter Lang, 2020)

The impact of aesthetics is increasing again. For today’s scholars, aesthetic theories are a significant companion and contribution in studying and ana-lysing cultural phenomena and production. Today’s scene of aesthetics is more global than what it is in most...