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Cristian Ciocan (ed.), The Modalizations of Violence (Human Studies, Volume 43, Issue 2), Springer 2020

Human Studies, Volume 43, issue 2, July 2020: Special Section on The Modalizations of Violence

    Towards a Multi-modal Phenomenological Approach of Violence – Cristian Ciocan
    The Question of Violence Between the Transcendental and the Empirical Field: The Case of Husserl’s Philosophy – Remus Breazu
    Is Mental Illness a Form of Violence Against the Self? Notes on Ego Disintegration in Schizophrenia – Cătălina Condruz
    Violence and Affectivity – Cristian Ciocan
    Understanding the Protester’s Opposition: From Bodily Presence to the Linguistic Dimension—Violence and Non-violence – Paul Marinescu
    Beyond an Instrumental View of Violence: On Sartre’s Discussion of Violence in Notebooks for an Ethics – Ciprian Jeler
    Event and Structure: A Phenomenological Approach of Irreducible Violence – Ion Copoeru

CfP Studia Phaenomenologica vol. 22 / 2022: GESTURES

Guest Editors: Christian Ferencz-Flatz & Delia Popa In recent years, gestures have moved into the center stage of theoretical interest. Prepared by various forays in the field of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics, which led to an increased focus...