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Cristian Ciocan (ed.),  The Modalizations of Violence (Human Studies, Volume 43, Issue 2), Springer 2020


Human Studies, Volume 43, issue 2, July 2020: Special Section on The Modalizations of Violence

    Towards a Multi-modal Phenomenological Approach of Violence – Cristian Ciocan
    The Question of Violence Between the Transcendental and the Empirical Field: The Case of Husserl’s Philosophy – Remus Breazu
    Is Mental Illness a Form of Violence Against the Self? Notes on Ego Disintegration in Schizophrenia – Cătălina Condruz
    Violence and Affectivity – Cristian Ciocan
    Understanding the Protester’s Opposition: From Bodily Presence to the Linguistic Dimension-Violence and Non-violence – Paul Marinescu
    Beyond an Instrumental View of Violence: On Sartre’s Discussion of Violence in Notebooks for an Ethics – Ciprian Jeler
    Event and Structure: A Phenomenological Approach of Irreducible Violence – Ion Copoeru